Does the penis size matter?

It is being said that the size of the penis does not matter but in practice this issue has a huge impact on the quality of sexual sensations. The proof for that can be found in numerous scientific papers, inquiries and polls. As much as 87% of women states that they do care about the size of the penis although they do not talk about it willingly. One glance at internet forums and message boards is enough to confirm that:

"(...)OF COURSE it does matter! Do not kid yourselves. Dudes with too short penises cannot fully stimulate women. I had one such boyfriend who couldn’t meet my expectations. We’ve just started, when he had finished! No wonder, huh. His penis had only 7-8 cm. I didn’t even feel anything! I didn’t break up with him because of that, of course, I really loved him at that moment but still he didn’t give me much pleasure in bed and in the end that definitely did not help him(...)"


„I am with a guy with whom I like to make love on every possible time of day or night, you know, spontaneously. I cannot imagine how he could have got a smaller dick. I’ll be frank though crude but that is the truth: even if a man says that his penis is small but crazy, it does not include all the positions. And I love to experiment with different positions. If my man had a his dick too short, our intercourses would become boring to me after some time, but now we can do more. And we do not have any reason to make that embarrassing discussion about the size of his penis.”


Small size of a penis might lead to frustration transforming into complexes and in extreme cases even be the cause for depression. However, there is a solution that helps to forget about mockery or fear of loneliness. How to enlarge penis?

It is possible thanks to the most efficient pills for penile enlargement. This revolutionary product will allow you to take full control over your sexual life. Do not hesitate and order XtraSize !

XtraSize will make your penis longer and more solid in its circumference when erect. It is a chance for you to stop being shy during intercourses. XtraSize will help you and your partner to become fully satisfied while having sex. You will finally be more confident and you will stop feeling any trepidations concerning your looks. Penis enlargement supplements will make you forget about complexes.

The solution to your embarrassing and tough problem is within a hand’s reach

Start using Xtra Size by taking one pill after a meal in the morning. You won’t have to wait long for the effects. After a couple of days your erection should be harder and the time of your intercourses should be longer. If the treatment will be regular, it will gradually increase penis size. After a month of using XtraSize you should have an additional 3 cm. After six months the effects of enlargement could even reach 7,5 cm!

This remedy is completely safe. XtraSize is a mixture of natural ingredients used for years. Its efficiency has been fully confirmed on multiple occasions. Its safety is also confirmed by opinions of thousands of satisfied men, who significantly enhanced their sexual lives thanks to XtraSize. This penis enlargement supplements is prepared according to an American formula which is highly appraised by nutritionists and doctors.

Do not ponder and make your decision right now – make an order for XtraSize and give yourself a chance to change your sexual life. However, if you want to know more, read the information below to learn what ingredients make up XtraSize and how to increase penis size.

Secret of effects of the carefully selcted natural ingredients

Other ingredients:

Customers’ opinions:

  • Łukasz, 27 lat, Warszawa
    Finally I can satisfy my women! I didn?t believe it could work but just a couple of pills was enough for me to feel more power and I could sustain longer erections. How to grow penis? Well, with XtraSize, for sure. I will continue the treatment because I want my girlfriend to get all the best.
    Luke, 27 lat, Fleetwood
  • Awesome, just awesome. XtraSize is great. I was under the impression of how it works, and imagine what ma girlfriend thought. It works perfectly.
    Adrian, 26 lat, Coventry
  • Pan Tony
    The size of the penis was an embarrassing problem for me for quite a long time. Actually, that was a reason why I broke up with my first girlfriend. When she wanted to have sex, I?ve felt some kind of a blockade and every attempt to have sex was futile. I was just to scared about what she would think about me and after some time she just have fallen in love with someone else. I?ve finally overcome that problem with my next girlfriend but I still had complexes. Even visiting experts could not help me and I was losing all hope when I?ve found an XtraSize ad and I decided to try it. The effects surpassed my most audacious expectations! I still cannot be compared with record holders but looking back and confronting what was before and what is now, the results seems like a difference between heaven and hell.
    Tony, 29 lata, Cracow
  • For me sex is an important part of a relationship. Unfortunately, I?ve never been too skillful with that and that?s due to the length of my penis. Not always I could satisfy my sex partners. Not always I could keep up to their pace. I?ve found XtraSize by chance. I thought ? why shouldn?t I try? Those are natural ingredients, right? Just after a moth and a half my sexual life changed. Now my current partner and my own sensations are much more intensive and rich.
    Darius, 29 lat, Kirkby Lonsdale
  • I?ve noticed the first results after a very short time. After a month even my girlfriend noticed the difference and I did not tell her about the treatment! What is more, I can get aroused more quickly and the penis is harder and thicker than earlier.
    Charles, 31 lat, Glastonbury
  • Bogdan, 54 lata, Radom
    We did not use any drugs, me and my wife, nor any other medications. However, lately I?ve developed some problems with potency. My wife wanted to have some fun and I just couldn?t keep up. I had a problem with keeping erection for a long time. I?ve decided to take XtraSize because it is a mixture of natural herbs and a natural product. It?s mother nature that comes to help men with their problems. And it really did help, and my wife is happy now. Maybe I?m not that young anymore but my sexual drive did increase. Erection is strong and long-lasting. It is more massive and additional length is just like an icing on the cake.
    Adam, 54 lata, Bridgwater
  • Ksawery, 34 lata, Sandomierz
    I?ve ordered it and I?ve started to use it regularly like it was advised and that consistency was worth the outcome. I?ve reached the promised 7 cm. It did not happen at once but I?m self-willed and always reach my goals. And now, due to the penis enlargement and thickening, I?ve reached my main goal, which was gaining confidence with women. I really do not fear anything anymore and I?m not scared of what will happen in the bed.
    Xavier, 34 lata, Alton
  • Paweł, 28 lata, Białystok
    XtraSize wasn?t the first remedy I tried. All other products weren?t sufficient. They did not work too well or they had side effects. I did not want to undergo any other treatment than natural. XtraSize was my last chance. Fortunately, it did work. I had to wait for some time. It took a month to set off but the volume and length increased, though still not to the point I would be satisfied. Gradually, however, my stance improved and today I can stand in front of my girlfriend without complexes. I can only recommend this to others to try.
    Paul, 28 lata, Chester
  • Tomasz, 31 lat, Łódź
    I was joking with my friend when we started talking about the penises? sizes. I always had a bit of a problem with that and I did not feel too confident. My friend showed me XtraSize during that discussion and I am so grateful to him for that! My little trouble has become my big pride. I truly advise everybody to try this remedy.
    Thomas, 31 lat, Manchester
  • Dawid
    I was convinced by the description of the effects, though initially I was hesitant. I expected much less and then? surprise! The results are exactly like it was being said. XtraSize turned out to be worth the money I spent on it. The most important for me, however, is that although I?ve finished the treatment some time ago, the effects are still there. It really was a good purchase.
    David, 27 lat, London

Order XtraSize and change your life

Natural product – natural ingredients will enlarge your penis even up to 7,5 cm

Long-lasting effects – just only 90 days of treatment you will be enjoying a lasting effect of penis enlargement pills

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Questions and answers

Here you will find the answers for the most frequent questions. They clarify the most important issues which intrigued most of our customers.
In case of further uncertainties or any doubts you can use this website to ask and send a question.
1What exactly is XtraSize?
XtraSize is a natural dietary supplement which is recommended by the doctors. Regular application causes increase in sexual efficiency and drive. It enlarges and thickens size of the penis by up to 30%.
2What are the effects of using XtraSize?
Beside enhancing pleasure and better stimulation during intercourses, XtraSize gives you stronger and longer-lasting erection. Thanks to XtraSize you will also feel increase of sexual drive.
3How to use XtraSize?
It is advised to take treatment for at least 90 days. During that period it is necessary to take one pill a day during breakfast, drinking water with it. For better erections it is possible to use the remedy before the intercourse. The package contains pills for about 2 months of regular usage. There are 60 capsules in it.
4Does XtraSize have side effects?
Not at all! XtraSize is a mixture of natural ingredients and as a result does not cause side effects. To prove it further, it’s sold without prescriptions.
5Does XtraSize have a long-lasting effect?
The answer for this question is positive. The fact that you have finished treatment with XtraSize does not mean that the size of your penis will diminish to the state before using the mixture. However, it is advisable to repeat the treatment to enhance its current effects.
6How long XtraSize should be used in order to achieve the best effects?
Accomplishing optimal results is possible only thanks to regular usage of the pills. If the XtraSize treatment is systematic, then the best results should be achieved after 3-4 packages.
7Why was my card payment declined?
There might be various reasons. The address given in the order has to be the same as the one on the bank account. If there is everything correct with this issue and you still can’t make the payment, you should contact your bank. In some cases these institutions block payments by internet due to security reasons and allow for authorization of such transactions only after contacting with a consultant and individual verification of the order.
8How long I should wait for a delivery?
If the order was made before 10 A.M. it should be executed during that very day. In rare cases it might take longer but it does not exceed 48 hours from the moment of receiving the order.

By choosing Priority Mail you will guarantee that the delivery will be made within 1-2 working days. The time of delivery to other countries than UK may vary depending of the location. In Europe the delivery should reach its destination within 10 working days. Sending to other continents may take up as long as 3-4 weeks to reach its target.
9Can I drink alcohol during the treatment?
XtraSize does not interfere with using alcohol while it does not interact with it. However, we advise restraint and moderation as too much drinking may weaken the results.